COMMON WARDROBE MISTAKES (and how to avoid them)

In the modern world, keeping up with the pace of the others has become a very normal practice, especially in the world of fashion. In doing so, people often tend to overlook very critical pointers which leads to wardrobe mistakes, even of the most basic kinds. With this blog, I will try and help you recognize and acknowledge a few of these mistakes.

DO NOT invest on an outfit for the following reasons:

“Because it’s in trend” or “Everyone else is wearing it”

Whether you agree or not, I believe FOMO (fear of missing out) is what makes most people do most things. And in this case, missing out on a trend is what will make you buy an outfit. Spending money on an outfit without caring about your body type, the colours that suit you and your existing wardrobe is not spending money. It’s wasting money.


One of the easiest ways to get consumers to empty their pockets is by making them believe they’re getting financially benefitted. And discounts do just the trick. Always remember, however much you pay for it, even if its a hundred rupees, it’s of no use if the attire cannot enhance the way you feel about yourself or if the attire cannot represent you.

Favourite characteristic

I get it, favourite colours and favourite brands can make you want to splash your cash on clothes, accessories, footwear and what not. But you need to understand the fact that blindly buying stuff that’s not your style and not something you need or require at the moment will only make you lose money that you could’ve invested elsewhere.

In my opinion, these are the three major factors that lure people into making wardrobe mistakes that can easily be avoided. But as they say, mistakes are an integral part of learning, so if you have made these mistakes in the past, I hope this blog has made things clear enough for you to not repeat the same mistakes again.