I don't think "Mental Health" is a topic that gets as much consideration as it should, given the increasing need of education about it. Especially right now, with the lockdown still going on, I feel that the increasing need is at its peak. So as a life coach, I decided to pen down a few thoughts on one of the most severe and recurring mental illnesses, depression, and I would like you to read this in hope that it can help you out even if it's only a little amount of help.

For people who know people battling depression:

It's not as easy for people battling depression to face even very normal situations as it is for people without them. Sometimes not even a small change in the norm, but even them being left alone with their thoughts for a while can trigger them and lead them to take unpredictable steps. You can never be really sure about what's going on in another person's head. But there are a few things that you can do to assure that the people around you, the people you care about aren't alone in their time of need. The following are two very important ones out of the lot:

#DobaraPoocho (Ask again) - I'm sure most of us have a habit of locking the door and double-checking right after. In a similar manner, what we can do is check up on our close ones once in a while and even if there is a small hint of doubt behind their usual "I'm fine", make sure you ask again. People with depression find it difficult to open up to other people so you really have to make sure whether they're perfectly alright and not just make do with their half-hearted "I'm fine"s.
Also, #DobaraPoocho is the title of a new campaign launched by Deepika Padukone which urges people to, as the name suggests, ask again, as we discussed.

Just listen - Keep your advices to yourself, because sometimes, an ear is all they need. Because sometimes, all they want is to be able to speak their heart out to someone without any interruptions or advices being thrown their way. Being questioned repeatedly about the issues they're trying to discuss with you can trigger them even though your genuine intent was to help them out.

We as a society need to make people feel that their problems matter, need to give them the confidence to speak up about what’s been troubling them because then and only then can depression can be defeated.

For people battling depression:

I know life's tough for you and sometimes the dark side of your mind persuades you and tries to convince you to take steps you don't really want to take, but here's what I think. This tunnel of darkness and pain you're in right now, no matter however much you think of it to be never ending, you never really know what change one small turn can bring to completely turn your life upside down and fill the tunnel with light and joy.
Getting better is a journey, not a destination. You need to keep dragging through, one day at a time. You need to be kind to yourself like you would be to someone you deeply cared about. But most importantly, you need to figure out when you need help. Trying to go through it by yourself might work four out of five times, but when the fifth time comes and it’s too much for you to do it alone, remember that you don’t have to. Reach out to people you’re comfortable with, people who care about you. Always keep in mind: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
And finally, never lose hope for that life-changing turn to come.

Love and light,
Rubleen Kaur

PS - This blog post might not have been like my other ones, but was definitely of more importance.