With the ongoing development all around the world, the need to present yourself better at every stage in life is at an all-time high. There is one thing out of the many things in common that people at the top are doing to stay at the top, and people on the climb are doing to reach the top: HIRING AN IMAGE CONSULTANT.

Image consultancy has been one topic for hot talk in every sector for a very long time now. It was introduced in the 70’s, came into business in the 80’s and hasn’t left since. Rather, it has become an integral requirement for people who are willing to achieve their personal and professional goals in life. From being a service offered only at certain special events to becoming a service needed by people for even their everyday styling, image consultancy has come a long way as a profession, and rightfully so. There is a huge demand in the market for services that can enhance your appearance, but those services leave out the most important factor contributing to your image: the consumers themselves. And gradually, consumers of those services are realizing this and are willing to turn to image consultants for full-blown personal and professional makeover services that give more weightage to the consumers than they give to trends.

While image consultancy used to get branded as a service only celebrities needed, today, with a rise in the understanding of terms like ‘self-awareness’, people are realizing the importance of presenting themselves better in social situations and are even willing to spend money on their professional development just to have a competitive edge over their contemporaries. According to Wikipedia, “An image consultant's main focus is on dressing, personal style, clothes buying, body language, and etiquette, taking a customer through a process of evaluating their lifestyle and helping them change their body language and attire in order to help improve their image.”, and this is EXACTLY what people are willing to pay for these days. Not just individuals, but in order to have presentable executives speak to their clients; even companies are hiring image consultants to train their employees to be able to have a certain personal branding of sorts in the market.

To sum up, the demand for image consultancy is ever-growing and I am sure that it will continue to be for years to come. There are tons of quotes about image consultancy from fellow image consultants that I would’ve put in this blog to point out the value that it holds as a service, but I’d much rather just leave it for you readers to try the service out and understand for yourself. Finally, everybody is waking up to the value addition that image consultants bring to the table and as an image consultant myself, I couldn’t be happier about it.


Rubleen Kaur