Being inclined towards fashion from a very young age, one observation that I’ve made about most people is that their outfits don’t match the occasion. Imagine a person donning their best smart casual outfit but at a sangeet ceremony. That would not only be a waste of the smart casual outfit, but also a waste of the traditional outfit they could’ve worn instead and that would just be criminal!

According to me, the following are two of the major reasons why it is important to dress based on occasion:
- It reflects the degree of seriousness with which you address the occasion, showing whether you are really interested in being present there or are just present for the sake of it.
- It acts as a sign of reverence you hold for the occasion as well as for other people present at the occasion.

Now, it could be the case at times that with so many different dress codes out there, it can be difficult to know what to wear, even when the type of dress requested for the occasion is stated on the invitation. That is what image consultants and wardrobe stylists are for! And if not them, then the internet is always an option.

Knowingly or unknowingly, one believer of “dressing for the occasion” is Mark Zuckerberg. For people who don’t know him, he is the CEO of Facebook. Being such a famous figure, Mark’s fashion approach is something that can be called antithetic to Power Dressing. Instead of always being dressed in a business suit to match his status, he resorts to wearing his usual combo - a grey Brunello Cucinelli T-shirt with denims - every single day to avoid decision fatigue. In a way, this is an example of being authentic to your own personal style. 

However, in a recent online event, the heads of Google owned Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Apple appeared before the US lawmakers on 29
th July 2020, where each one of them was dressed in a business suit, including Mark Zuckerberg. Although, as mentioned, Mark resorts to his usual outfit, he understood the gravity of this situation and chose to dress for the occasion. Not only this once, but Mark has been spotted donning outfits based on the occasion several times.

And even after reading all the aforementioned information, if you still feel that dressing for an occasion might not be an important thing to do, remember that even Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon and currently the richest man in the world, dresses for the occasion when the occasion asks for it, indicating that no matter how big you become, respect and good manners will always define your true self.

Rubleen Kaur