June is here and with it, the season of monsoon is here. Now when I say this, I know there are two types of people reading this in two different ways. The first type includes people who love the rain, who associate it with romance, tranquillity, petrichor and all other rosy, cheerful things like that. And then there are those who absolutely detest the monsoons, like me. I can only associate it with bad hair days, gloomy weather, ruined makeup, extra humidity, traffic, etc. So for people who agree with me about the woes that the rains bring along, this list will help you sort the few controllable things in your life... unlike the weather!

Look after those feet:

While “Keeping your head high and sailing through life” is our recommended mantra, we’ve still got to focus on our most neglected body part. Your feet may handle this ignorance during summers and winters but monsoons bring grime, infections and skin problems. The best way to tackle this is by getting regular pedicures. With the lockdown still going, our stay-at-home- recommendation would be to soak your feet in a hot bucket of water, with bath salts followed by applying a good foot cream!

Mist your way through Mystic Monsoon:

This has to be in your bags at all times. Mist in the day, mist at night, your pores are open and full of grime! Using mists/toners can help maintain your skin in this extremely humid weather. Choose any alcohol-free mist or tone that will keep your skin’s pH balance under control this season.

Sunscreen is still key:

Rub off that confused look from your face. The sun may not be shining above your pretty head but it's very much there. Don't be fooled by the overcastted sky, 80 per cent of UV rays still pass through clouds and penetrate your skin. Using a sunscreen with SPF of 30 and above is still the best way to protect your skin. 

Makeup with Morbid Monsoon:

We may hate the rains but we certainly can't ignore them and nor can our makeup! Water-proof, smudge-proof, smear-proof, these 3 makeup rules are unbendable. Heavy foundations are best kept away; replace them with lighter CC creams and translucent powders to finish. Use colours on eyes and blush tints on cheeks and make the awry environment a bit brighter!
Now as safety is our first priority during this lockdown season, ¾ of our face is (rightly) covered with a mask most of the time. That makes our eyes as the most important feature of our face. So, minimal eye makeup with a splash of bright colour is the new hack that we recommend.

Hair Scare:

In my opinion, our hair suffers the most when it's pouring. Unfortunately, the frizz becomes your clingy best friend and it just won't go away. No point wasting your styling products, they won't help, rather will weigh your natural bounce down even more. It's best to stick to styles that go well with your natural hair textures. Ponytails, buns and top knots have got to make their way into your hair game. Using hair accessories is another amazing hack to look attractive and stylish.

Now, moving on to the outfit aspect of this prevailing monsoon, I am sure that each and everyone reading this right now agrees with me when I say that this season of monsoon carries a gloomy, dull and drowsy vibe. So, in order to entirely overturn the vibe, here are a few hacks that I recommend you all to follow:
1) Add colour to your life – Add a splash of colour to your attire to not only look better, but to change your mood along with everyone else’s around you. Colour plays an important role in the way we think as we have discussed in our Colour Series on Instagram. Sporting bright colours makes you feel happy, energetic and enthusiastic whereas it’s the opposite with dull shades. Also, while you’re at it, make sure not only you, but also your umbrellas and jackets are all brightened up!
2) Say no to heavy weight fabrics - Choose outfits with fabrics which are soft and easy to dry as (SPOILER ALERT!) you’re going to get drenched multiple times. Breathable fabric is also highly recommended.

So what are you waiting for now? Let’s beat the odds with these hacks this gloomy season!


Rubleen Kaur