Off late, the stereotype that only women are concerned with fashion, skincare, grooming, etc. has been nearing the end. Today’s men are unabashedly embracing the idea of learning new habits that are aimed at enhancing their appearance. Fashion and grooming have become increasingly important aspects for men to optimize their appearance. But since the beginning of the lockdown, I have come across multiple posts, articles and what not handing out tips relating to fashion and grooming which are women oriented only. Considering that and the fact that I am an image consultant for both men and women, with this blog post, I will be giving out hair grooming tips for men who must be tired of searching around and not being able to find any.
With bringing “Unlock 1.0” in action, our government has relaxed quite a few rules except for the one which most men are eagerly waiting for. The green signal to start hair salons! In fact some have become so eager that they decided to take matters into their own hands resulting mostly in failed DIY haircuts and what not. But the following are a few suggestions and tips from my end to ensure that you make the most out of your hair during this lockdown.
1. Leave it to the experts!
With this DIY trend going around, I would rather suggest the exact opposite. Becoming a hairstylist just doesn’t happen overnight, it takes immense training for them to become what they are. Even shaving off all the hair is not as easy as it seems to be. So why not leave it to them instead of getting a “desperate cut”? Also, you really don’t want your barber to be dealing with a lot of DIY disasters once the salons reopen, do you?
2. Let them grow!
I’m sure that letting your hair grow is a thought that must’ve crossed your mind at least once. Make the most of this lockdown by trying it out and letting your hair grow. This way, you can clear your ever-present doubt about how you would look with long hair. And even if this experiment doesn’t really go as you planned it to, what’s there to lose since you’re, anyway, at the comfort of your home?
3. Use hair accessories
Now that I’ve suggested you all to let your hair grow, your impulsive question would be “Now what about the disturbance they’ll cause?” The answer is simple; use hair accessories like hair bands, head bands, hair grippers, bandanas even to hold back your hair from coming on to your face.
4. Practice proper hair care
Instead of YouTubing and Googling around for DIY haircuts, you could find out how you can take care of your hair. Hair are of different types and there are different ways in which you can take care of them, different products to use on them, etc. Once you understand what’s best for your hair and you start using the proper methods and products to take care of them, you won’t realize when you cross the blurry line between “caring for your hair” and “being obsessed with your hair”.
5. Not ready to go long? 
If for some reason, you’re not really vibing with the long hair suggestion, and you need an urgent hair cut, I’d like to suggest the “Back and Sides” tip. Well maintained back and sides ensure that your overall look is reasonably tidy, so you don’t need to worry about the top. Even for this, I’d suggest you to look up for proper procedures on YouTube rather than trying it out by yourself.
In the debate of Save It vs. Shave It, I’m clearly on the side of the former. I feel that you are more probable to go for a weird looking haircut in the future than you are to let your hair grow. So while we’re in this stage of the lockdown, why not do something different, something you have thought about but haven’t done yet, rather than following the herd?
Rubleen Kaur